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LB5000 Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

Capacity: 400t/h
Mixer Capacity: 5000kg/batch
Total Power: 960kW
Overall Dimension: 80*65*18m
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LB5000  Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

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Xinyu LB series asphalt mixing plant, with proprietary intellectual property rights, is an self-developed asphalt mixing equipment absorbed in domestic and international advanced technology. Xinyu asphalt mixing plant is of high automation, precise weighing, modular design, compact structure, easy maintenance and environment friendly, widely applied to ground mass of bituminous highway.

The whole asphalt batch plant is equipped with industrial computer control system, and adopted METTLER TOLEDO weighing and load cells, and introduced American air counter blow type dedusting filter-bag, Germany jet burner and so on, which features for reasonable structure, excellent performance, precise accounting, high efficiency and energy conservation, easy operation and so on. LB series bitumen mixing plant is ideal equipment for producing asphalt, and also widely applied to the city road building.
The whole producing equipment consists of aggregate belt conveyor, cool-aggregate transmission screen, inclined belt conveyor, heating drum, jet burning system, dust collector, rope hoist hopper, hot-aggregate screen, aggregate hopper, weighing hopper, aggregate weighing device, limestone silo, limestone weighing, asphalt weighing, mixing trough, and vertical structure, which composes a whole reasonable bitumen equipment set
Xinyu asphalt batch mix plant is widely applied to producing bituminous mixture, modified asphalt, colored bitumen mixture, totally meet the requirements of building expressways, city roads, classified highway, airport, harbor and so on.
Xinyu LB5000 compulsory asphalt mixing plant is the newest popular bitumen equipment. With the production capacity of 400 tons per hour and big breakthroughs in asphalt equipment, it gets a good lead among the peers. LB5000 compulsory asphalt mixing plant is suitable for big road constructions, municipal engineering, and airport and so on which have a big demand for bitumen. Since LB5000 bitumen batch plant put in market, it gains a lot of popularity and recognition.


1. Based on the variable-frequency speed control, the speed can be precisely set according to the productivity and proportion.
2. Automatic warning device for aggregate shortage; emergency safe switch


Drying System

High-tech product, the DGT multifunctional dryer.
1. One machine with two functions, it can both produce new bitumen and process old bitumen.
2. Totally new design adopts the patent technology, the power-driving structure, effectively reducing energy consumption.
3. The burning combustor adopts special burning technology, the oil or coal consumption is only 80% of that of traditional dryer. The regenerative old material consumption is less than that of other equipment by 35%-50%.
4. The special blade design of the dryer drum makes the material gain highly efficient heat exchange.
5. The function of regeneration of old material is a revolution for regeneration techniques of asphalt road milling, the milling material can reach up to 50%, the mixture can be screeninged and weighed, the aggregate classification is very high.
6. The aggregate-raising blades adopt special structure; the milling material doesn’t make direct contact with the flame, perfectly solving the sticky and stuck phenomenon, effectively improving bitumen’s use ratio.
8. Xinyu asphalt mixing plant’s quality is highly guaranteed, and meet the different construction requirement as far as possible, bringing customers about considerable benefits.
9. The combustor is inside inlaid, the special design of aggregate fending board prevent the milling material from contact with the flame directly. The safety is highly ensured.



1. The big adjusting proportion is 1:10, the advanced computer proportion adjusting mode ensures stable and reliable start and precise temperature control.
2. The integrated design is compact, the installation and maintenance is very easy and convenient.
3. The atomized medium and the low-pressure oil supply make the system has a good adaption for oil quality.
Screening system
1. Dual-axis linear vibration is efficient and practical, the out-laid vibrator is energy-saving, mute and easy to maintain.
2. The vibrating screen is equipped with a retroflex board, which enables the discharge the aggregate from the hoisting machine to the No.1 hopper without screening.
3. The optimized design of vibrating dip angle and the sufficient screening area guarantee strict classification ratio and high screening efficiency.
4. During the last 24 hours before leaving the factory, the screening system is strictly tested to ensure the screening system stable and reliable.
5. The screen bearing parts adopt national famous brand, heat-proof, shock-resistant and durable.
6. The screen shell is equipped with exhaust duct, which effectively avoid dust floating. The closed structure completely eradicates the gushing dust.
screening system
Weighing System
1. Simultaneous dual-hopper weighing technology improves the weighing speed by 50%; the inlaid exhaust dedusting tube effectively avoid the weighing fluctuation caused by air flow.
2. Adopt dynamic weighing, which can accurately control the second weighing.
3. Self-supplement technology for weighing, alarm for overload, automatic locking makes the production easy and reliable.


Mixing System

1. The mixing system is manufactured conforming to European standard. Both bitumen mixer’s using life and overload capacity are all superior to national standard, the Max. Mixing ability can reach 4500kg per time.
2. Two sets of gear motors drives the running independently, the synchronous gear makes the machine running more stable.
3. The elaborated arranged blades bears repeated experiment, the quality and performance is reliable.
4. The mixing blades is made of national standard high-strength wearable alloy material, which guarantee the blades can mix more than 100000 troughs of asphalt.
5. High-pressure spraying asphalt pump and grating pattern powder feeding machine largely shortened the mixing time and improves the mixing efficiency.
Dedusting System
1. Multi-grade dedusting system makes the dust collected by diameter sizes for recycling, furthest improving material’s use ratio.
2. High-pressure pulse type bag-type dust collector can be cleaned thoroughly, more effective.
3. The flue is equipped with overheat protective device and cold blast valve, effectively guaranteeing bag’s safe use.
4. Adopt famous brand quality induced draft fan, furthest lowered machine’s running cost.
1. Adopt international advanced micro-control technology: PLC control system, PC industrial controlling computer.
2. Xinyu has developed his own controlling program which already gained the Independent intellectual property rights; the dual-controlling-machine makes the whole equipment runs fluently and stably.
3. The electrical components adopt world famous brand: Omron, Siemens, Mitsubishi and so on to guarantee high-quality producing.
4. The whole machine is equipped with safety and interlocking apparatus.
5. The optional GPS system and remote data-transmission system realized the functions of remote program updating, failure diagnose, early warning for malfunction.
6. The man-machine interface is more humanized which enables the operator makes full-course control and management.
7. Humanized control center room makes the operation easier.


Technical Data

Model LB5000
Capacity 400t/h (standard working condition)
Mixer Capacity 5000kg/batch
Drying Drum Φ2800*13000mm
Fuel Consumption Diesel: 5.5-7kg/t; Coal:10kg/t
Measurement Accuracy Aggregate ±0.5%
Filler ±0.5%
Bitumen ±0.25%
Finished Asphalt Temperature 130℃-165℃
Dust Collector gravitational dust collector & Second baghouse dust collector
Air Emissions ≤20mg/Nm³
Dark exhaust standard Ringelmann I
Working room noise ≤70db(A)
Environment noise ≤80db(A)
Operation Full Auto/Manual Operation
Total Installation Power ≈960kW
Voltage 220V/380V-50Hz (adjustable)
Plant Covering Area Length: 80m; width: 65m; max height point: 18m

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