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QTF3-20 Hydraulic Block Making Machine

Overall Power: 37kw
Production Capacity: 4000~4200pcs/shift(8h)
Molding Form: Vibration and Pressure
Dimensions: 6400*1700*2750mm
QTF3-20 .QTF3-20 (2)..QTF3-20 (3)..QTF3-20 (4).
QTF3-20 Hydraulic Block Making Machine

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QTF 3-20 block machine is designed according to domestic condition, and the customer’s advice, high productivity, high quality, strong durability, it can adopts to several kinds of environmental brick, interlock brick, color pavers, Mpark grass brick, hollow brick, porous brick, standard brick and so on.


1. High exciting power, compact structure, easy operate, convenient maintenance ,operate reliable.
2. This machine equipped with one belt, it can make brick with one normal mixer, it’s perfect environmental construction equipment.
3. Man-machine interface, control system equipped with complete logic control, production program, malfunction diagnosis system and remote control function. So it doesn’t need a professional person but only need a simple trained one to the operator.
4. Product scope: It produces various bricks/blocks including color-face bricks (layered material feeding), through-body tiles, lock linkage blocks, road curb bricks, hydraulic blocks, hollow blocks, perforated bricks, and standard bricks etc.

Technical Data

1. Technical Specifications

Molding cycle 20-25s                    
Vibration frequency 4500 r/min
Exciting power 16MPA
Overall power 37KW
Overall dimension 6400*1700*2750mm
Molding form Vibration and Pressure
Pallets size 850*680mm

2. Capacity

Item Size(mm) Qty/mold Cycle molding Per day/8 hours
Hollow Block 400×200×200 3pcs 20~25s 4000-4200pcs
Solid block 240*115*53 42pcs 20~25s 36000-38000pcs
Paver brick 200×160×60 12pcs 20~25s 12000-15000pcs

Delivery & Installation

QTF3-20 block making machine delivery - 1

QTF3-20 block making machine price

QTF3-20 block making machine delivery - 3

QTF3-20 block making machine delivery - 3

After-Sales Service

1. Guarantee time 
All of the life time of XINYU machine, free for the first 12 months except the wrong operation.
2. Free Spare parts
XINYU will prepare the one set spare parts and delivery them along with the machine.
XINYU have the 12 workshops to produce every parts and we can produce spare parts to deliver them to you within 2 days.
3. Technical supporting
XINYU Engineer will train you workers to make sure that they know every detail about the machine to make sure they know how to deal with the urgent situation and can repair some normal problem
4. Office
If we have more than 5 orders in one Area, we will set one office there to take care the after-sales service.

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