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Mobile Hydraulic Concrete Placing Boom

Max. placing radius: 18m
Rotary range: 0~360°
Pressure of hydraulic system: 24Mpa
Total power: 5.5kw
Mobile Hydraulic Concrete Placing Boom
Mobile Hydraulic Concrete Placing Boom

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It needed to be fixed when using, it can be placed according to the construction site’s requirement.
Impact and light, easy for whole placing boom’s hoisting and transportation.
Flexible and, widely applied, suitable for complicate construction site.
Convenient, safe and economic.


Concrete placing boom, designed for expanding concrete pouring range and improving mechanization level of pumping equipment, is corollary equipment of concrete pumping equipment, effectively solving wall pouring problem. It plays important role in improving pumping efficiency and reducing labor intensity. Mobile Hydraulic concrete placing boom is of reasonable design, high reliability and stability. Adopted 360° slewing arm placing structure, the overall operation is easy and flexible. The concrete placing boom is efficient, energy-saving, economic and practical.

Technical Data

Model Item HGY13 HGY15 HGY17 HGY18
Max. placing radius m 13 15 17 18
Rotary range ° 0~360 0~360 0~360 0~360
Overall height m 3.9 2.6 3.2 3.75
Supporting legs span  m 3.15×3.15 4×4 4×4 5×5
Pressure of hydraulic system Mpa 24 24 24 24
Concrete delivery pipe  mm Φ125 Φ125 Φ125 Φ125
Total Power kw 4 4 5.5 5.5
Bare machine weight kg 2700 3230 5000 6700
Balance weight kg 1800 2200 2200 2200

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