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XBS Fine Stone Concrete Pump

Model: XBS40-13-48
Main motor power: 48kw
Theoretical max. discharging volume: 40m³/h
Max. Theoretical Delivery Distance: Vertical: 180m/Horizontal: 600m
XBS Fine Stone Concrete Pump .照片 015.
XBS Fine Stone Concrete Pump

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According to the construction features of heating floor, XBS and DXBS series fine stone concrete pump are specially developed for pumping mortar. The XBS and DXBS series fine stone concrete pump are well known for high-efficiency and big-area floor heating construction of fine-stone concrete filling and mortar filling. XBS series fine stone concrete pump is also excellently applied to fine stone concrete delivery in various engineering construction, refractories delivery and insulation material delivery, greening soil delivery and pressure grouting of various foundation piles etc. Replacing the Φ100 delivery pipe for the originalΦ80 delivery pipe, The XBS fine stone cement pump can delivery concrete whose aggregate is less than 3cm, the fine stone concrete pump’s application wider.


Electric Control System: adopt Schneider or LG brand, high automation and reliability.
Lubricating system: adopt automatic multi-point lubricating technology, one lubrication tube to one point, good effect, greatly prolonging the using life of vulnerable parts.
Hydraulic System: the newly-adopted hydraulic commutation technology makes the pumping more reliable with lower failure frequency. The specially made valve is of big pumping capacity, low energy consumption and prolonged working life.
Power System: the electric fine stone concrete pump adopts domestic famous Yantai motor, Siemens Beide motor. The diesel fine stone concrete pump adopts low energy-consumption and high-efficiency Tianjin Lovol engine or Yuchai engine.
Hopper: enlarged hopper and vibrator equipped to barrier fully meet the fine stone concrete pumping requirements.
Cooling System: adopt air and water dual-cooling system, effectively control the oil temperature of hydraulic system in bitter cold environment, ensure the whole machine running safe and reliable.
Hydraulic Pipe Joints: the rubber pipe is imported from Italy, the joints adopt famous American Eaton, the whole assembly is provided by Eaton, all of which ensure the hydraulic system safe without leakage.
S Valve: the S tube is casted by hadifield steel, the easy-wear surface adopt bead welding with wearable material, which of high pressure resistance and perfect wearable ability. The ultra-smooth inner chamber makes the concrete flow fluently, further improving the pumping performance; the alloy-made spline shaft adopt special surface processing, improving the abrasive resistance and fatigue strength.
Glasses Plate And Cutting Ring: glasses plate and cutting ring is inlaid with cemented carbide, wearable and reliable.
Features and virtues of fully hydraulic control system:
1. Prolong parts using life
The pumping and alternate commutating of S tube are completed without instruction of electrical signal, the commuting impact small, the noise faint, largely improving hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve’s using life.
2. Improve machine’s reliability
The fully hydraulic control system reduces the intermediate link of electrical control signal, largely improving the concrete pump’s reliability.
3. Reduce failure frequency.
The fully hydraulic control system adopt centralized valve plate, which concentrate the hydraulic valve of main system to the valve plate, thus reducing the cross-linked pipelines, making the system more compact and largely reducing the oil leakage.
4. Reduce maintenance cost
The fully hydraulic control system removed the four most vulnerable parts of electrical-control commutation system, greatly reducing the maintenance cost.

Technical Data

Item   Unit XBS25-12-33 XBS30-13-40 XBS40-13-48
Theoretical max. discharging volume m³/h 25 30 40
Theoretical max. delivery pressure Mpa 12 13 13
Max. diameter of aggregates mm ≤ 30(≤ 20) ≤ 30(≤ 20) ≤ 30(≤ 20)
Specification of delivery cylinder mm Ф140*800 Ф140*1000 Ф140*800
Main motor power kw 33 40 48
Outlet opening diameter mm Ф100(Ф80) Ф100(Ф80) Ф100(Ф80)
Dimension(L×W×H) mm 4100*1550*1650 4100*1550*1650 4100*1550*1650
Overall weight kg 2000 2450 2600
Max. Theoretical Delivery Distance Horizontal m 400 500 600
Vertical 140 160 180

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2. Free Spare parts
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