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Small Concrete Pump Truck

Chassis: FAW, Foton, Dongfeng
Max concrete placing height: 24.2m
Max concrete placing depth: 10.5m
Theoretical max. discharging volume: 80m³/h
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Small Concrete Pump Truck

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The struck concrete pump boom is a full-effort-paid and quality middle and short-arm truck concrete pump boom. It is an efficient pumping equipment which combines traveling, pumping, distributing in one machine. This small truck concrete pump boom is highly reliable, economic, safe and wearable. The chassis, engine, electric control system, hydraulic device and pumping system are well and reasonably equipped. The arm stretches and draws back flexibly; the support legs occupy small space, the overall movement is convenient. The whole running is safe and stable. The flexible four-section-arm’s distributing scale is larger than the three-section-arm’s by 20%, in the same time, the concrete pump boom adopt single-sided support technology, even in narrow site, the construction can be easily finished.


Chassis and power system: adopted from China FAW Group or Beiqi Foton, Dongfeng chassis features for strong loading, excellent engine performance and low fuel consumption; clients can choose independent power for truck upper body or chassis power. Xinyu self-developed upper body features for fuel consumption, easy maintenance.
Hydraulic pumping system: full-hydraulic system and oil-pressure signal sending make the operation much more easier, stable and improve the commuting speed of oscillating cylinder, reduce the commuting impact, in addition to that, the instant commuting speed of big cylinder is accelerated, making the concrete cylinder fully replenished, thus greatly enhancing the pumping continuity and concrete uniformity,
Arm and hydraulic supporting leg system: the arm adopts loading-sensitive proportional control system, making the operation as flexible as required. The arm operation can be conveniently completed by infinite-speed control system, and the emergency manual operation is also equipped to make the construction safe and reliable. The direct switchover between supporting legs and arm oil circuit effectively avoids wrong operation, guaranteeing construction safety.
Arm: Through finite element analysis, dynamics analysis and experiment, the arm performance is guaranteed by technical and precise data. The jib is made of high-strength low-alloy steel plate. All of the material and welding line are of zero damage, guaranteeing the jib of perfect reasonability and reliability.
Notice: The first-optional diesel engine for the upper body: Yuchai, Commins and Lovol.

Technical Data

Model JH5160THB-25 JH5160THB-27 JH5190THB-29 JH5190THB-34
Chassis FAW,Foton,Dongfeng FAW,Foton,Dongfeng FAW,Foton,Dongfeng FAW,Foton,Dongfeng
Emission standards National Standard V
Engine Dachai,Yuchai DEUTZ,Yuchai Dachai,Yuchai Dachai,Yuchai
Power and rated speed of engine 160-200p/2000rpm 160-200p/2000rpm 200p/2000rpm 200p/2000rpm
Wheelbase 4700mm 4800/5200/5600 4800/5200/5600 4800mm
Max driving speed 80km/h 80km/h 80km/h 80km/h
Vehicle approach angle/departure angle 21°/11.5° 24.6°/15.6° 24.6°/15.6° 24.6°/15.6°
Tire type 9.00R20 16 layers 9.00-R20 16 layers 10.00R20 18 layers 10.00R20 18layers
Max concrete placing height 24.2m 26.2m 28.4m 32.8m
Max concrete placing radius 20.6m 22.6m 24.6m 29.3m
Max concrete placing depth 10.5m 12m 16.9m 18.5m
Arm foldable angle 90/180/360/540 90/180/360 90/180/230/245 90/180/360/540/720
Boom control system Load sensing proportion control system
Arm folding form M type
Turret rotation angle 90° 470° 90° 470°
Front support leg span 5350 5840mm 5842mm 6000mm
Back support leg span 3300 3300mm 4050mm 7000mm
The leg longitudinal distance (MM) 6100 6100mm 6177mm 6380mm
Leg opening type X-H X-H X-H X
Trail length of hose 3000mm 3000mm 3000mm 3000mm
Diameter of pipeline (MM) 125 125 125 125mm
Electrical control system        
Control Power Supply 24v 24v 24v 24v
Control model PWM PWM PWM PWM
Working voltage 24v 24 24v 24v
Electric parts Omron
Wireless remote control Germany HBC or homebred
Hydraulic transmission system        
Hydraulic system type Open circuit
Rated working pressure 31.5Mpa 31.5Mpa 31.5Mpa 31.5Mpa
Main oil pump Sany Sany Sany Sany
Main oil pump model A11VO190,K3V140,K3V180 A11VO190,K3V140,K3V180 A11VO190,K3V140,K3V180 A11VO190,K3V180
Main oil pump capacity 190/140/180 190/140/180 190/140/180 190/180
Suction and back oil filter Liming(domestic)
Jib balance valve Italy
Jib multi-way valve Italy
Safety valve Imported or domestic
Oil cylinder hydraulic seals Parker Parker Parker Parker
Hydraulic hopper capacity 450 420 450 420
Hydraulic oil cooling Air-cooling
Main oil cylinder XIELI(domestic)
Transfer case  STIEBEL or domestic
Slewing reducer Domestic brand Domestic brand Domestic brand Domestic brand
Hose connection Eaton Eaton Eaton Eaton
Cleaning system        
Air pressure or plunger pump
Total length of vehicle(MM) 9445/9910 9650 10010 9370
Total width of vehicle(MM) 2300 2300 2300 2350
Total height of vehicle(MM) 3550 3650 3610 3610
Total weight of vehicle(T) 15.8 15.6 18.5 19.5
The type of distribution valve S valve
Theoretical max. discharging volume 80m³/h 80m³/h 80m³/h 80m³/h
Concrete piston Domestic brand Domestic brand Domestic brand Domestic brand
Max. outlet pressure(H/L) 10.5 10.5 10.5 10.5
Concrete cylinder Dia x Stroke 200/1450 200/1450 200/1450 200/1450
Max. feeding height(MM) 1450 1450 1450 1450
Hopper capacity(M³) 0.65 0.65 0.65 0.65
Concrete slump 160-220 160-220 160-220 160-220
Allowable max diameter of aggregate(MM) 40 40 40 40
Lubricating model Centralized automatic

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