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JZC350 Drum Concrete Mixer

Mixing Power: 5.5kw
Capacity: 10~14 m³/h
Discharge Volume: 350L
Dimensions: 2766×2140×3000mm
JZC350 .JZC350-1..JZC350-2..JZC350-3.
JZC350 Drum Concrete Mixer

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JZC/JZM series mobile electric self-loading concrete mixer is self-falling, conical drum, and reversing-discharge mixing machine.
The mixing drum of JZC concrete mixer is driven by gear rings, while JZM mixing drum is driven by friction gear. Both JZC and JZM drum concrete mixer rotates in one direction for mixing and rotates reversibly for discharging.
JZC and JZM movable cement mixers are good at mixing plastic concrete, semi-dry concrete, widely applied to general construction site, bridge and various concrete components factories, especially construction site of urban residential area.
Both JZC and JZM electric self-loading concrete mixers is highly recognized for their low noise, stable running, convenient operation and movement, excellent mixing performance, high production efficiency.


1. Strong Structure
The whole JZC/JZM drum concrete mixer is made of national standard steel, strong and wearable, capable of working in any severe condition.
2. Movable Wheel and Drag Rod
JZC/JZM self-loading drum concrete mixer is convenient to move to any where, the four legs can be detached easily and be can be dragged to different construction site by the front drag rod.
3. Easy Operation
There are only 2 operation rods, easy to operate.
4. Automatic Water Feeding
JZC/JZM concrete mixer is equipped with a water pump, it waters automatically, saving man labor.

Technical Data

Model JZC350 JZC500 JZM500 JZM750
Discharge Volume 350L 500L 500L  750L
Charging Volume 56L 800L 800L 1200L
Capacity 10~14 m³/h 18~20 m³/h 25~30 m³/h 30~35 m³/h
Aggregate Sizes ≤60mm ≤60mm ≤70mm ≤80mm
Rotating Speed 14r/min 13 r/min 13 r/min  12.26 r/min
Mixing Motor 5.5kw 7.5kw  7.5kw  11kw
Lifting Motor 4.5kw 5.5kw  5.5kw  7.5kw
Pump Motor 0.55kw 0.55kw 0.75kw 0.75kw
Weight 1950kg 2400kg 3000kg  4000kg
Dimensions(L×W×H) 2766×2140×3000mm 3500x2200x3200 mm 5200x2065x3200 mm 5650x2065x3535 mm

Delivery & Installation

JZC350 delivery - 1

delivery - 2

JZC350 delivery - 3

JZC350 delivery - 4

After-Sales Service

1. Guarantee time 
All of the life time of XINYU machine, free for the first 12 months except the wrong operation.
2. Free Spare parts
XINYU will prepare the one set spare parts and delivery them along with the machine.
XINYU have the 12 workshops to produce every parts and we can produce spare parts to deliver them to you within 2 days.
3. Technical supporting
XINYU Engineer will train you workers to make sure that they know every detail about the machine to make sure they know how to deal with the urgent situation and can repair some normal problem
4. Office
If we have more than 5 orders in one Area, we will set one office there to take care the after-sales service.


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