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Thailand Clients Came To Xinyu Company To Examine Samples Of Concrete Truck Mixer DSTM-3U

  • By xinyuadmin3
  • 2013-01-15
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On December 1, 2012, Thailand clients visited Xinyu factory and asked us to remodify the products to meet up with their requirements. After one month’s preparation and production, 2 sets of concrete truck mixer DSTM-3U met up with their requirements have been completed.

On January 14th 2013, the Thailand client visited Xinyu Factory to example the samples of concrete truck mixer DSTM-3U. He was satisfied with the finished products, but there was another requirement from him, so we needed to remodify concrete truck mixer again. We will try our best to do it and we will show the new blueprint of concrete truck mixer DSTM-3U to the client very soon.

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