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How to operate concrete mixing station safely?

  • By xinyuadmin2
  • 2018-02-23
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How to operate concrete mixing station safely?

Firstly, operate the concrete mixing station under the guidance of manufacturer’s technical personnel and after the technical functions of the equipment are qualified and strictly according to the equipment specification.

HZS60 batching plant.jpg

1. Before Operation:

(1) Prepare qualified sand, stone and aggregate in advance according to the technical function of the mixing station;

(2) Check whether the transmission, moving parts, door, shaking door and track of the mixing cylinder are locked or not;

(3) Check whether the oil height of the light lubricating oil is in accordance with the regulations;

(4) Open the valve to exhaust stagnant water in gas water separator, open the air reservoir drain plug to release oil and water mixture;

(5) Check the wire rope equipment of hoisting bucket is proper; the brake of the lifting bucket is flexible and useful;

(6) Check the bolts of each part have been tightened, the wearing of each intake value and discharge valve is under the control;

(7) Check the weighing equipment is normal; the accuracy meets the requirements;

(8) The electrical equipment can operate the every working equipment;

js concrete mixer.jpg

2. In Operation:

(1) When the device operates, no entering under the storage area and upgrade bucket and prohibited limbs into the hopper and mixing bucket;

(2) Don’t pull up forcibly and don’t lift the heavy when the dragline is jammed by obstacles, and no reverse operation in the pulling process;

(3) Don’t stop when the mixing machine is fully loaded, when it is in trouble or the power is off, cut off the electricity supply, lock the switch box, wipe out the concrete in the mixing bucket, then remove failures or wait for a call;

(4) No overloaded operation, check the working condition of the motor, stop working to check when the sound is abnormal or the temperature is high;

inspect the batching plant belt conveyor.jpg

3. after operation:

(1) Before shutting down, first uninstall and in order to seal the switches and pipes in every part, convey all the cement out of the spiral pipe and no material shall be left;

(2) After shutdown, clean up each part of the equipment and ensure the weighing accuracy;

(3) During the freezing season, drain the water in the water pump, additive pump, water tank and additive tank, and start the water pump and additive pump to work one to two minutes.

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