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Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

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  • 2010-05-09
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Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

(About concrete mixing plant-1)

1.     Why the Skip Hopper suddenly stops on the half way, but not keep raising?

 This question must have relation with the small concrete mixing plant, such as HZS25 or HZS35, since they adopt the Skip Hopper type of Concrete Mixer.

 The skip hopper stops on the half way, it’s normal, not mechanical problem. It stops there just waiting for the other part running, for example: the water weighing not finished yet, the cement weighing not finished yet, or the previous batch of concrete not be discharged yet.

 The aggregate, water, cement should be feed into the empty mixer drum at same time. The waiting time (seconds) of the skip hopper can be modified by operator, please read our Instruction Manual.


2.     How to make the accurate weighing (measurement)?

The precision of the weighing is very important for the concrete manufacturing, otherwise the hard and slump of the concrete will be different.

 XINYU Concrete Batching Plants all adopt high-sensitive load cells for each weighing part; Secondly, we adopt SIEMENS or OMRON brand of electronic components to make the digital data running well. Especially for the computer controlled plants, the mixture ratio of the concrete is stored in the software, every time you use, just need click the OK button, then the accurate mixture radio will be uploaded into the manufacturing program.


3.     How to do when power-off suddenly?

 Firstly, cut off the main power supply immediately;

 Secondly, make sure there is no body under the concrete batching plant;

 Thirdly, clean up the concrete which is still in the concrete mixer drum by manually;

 Fourthly, after the power comes back, operate the mixing manually for the kept material cleaning up.

 For our bigger concrete batching plant, we equip UPS Power Protector to make sure the computer data will not be lost when power off suddenly. You have enough time to save the data, and then turn off the computer. If customer need, we can also equip UPS for every model concrete batching plant.


If you have some more questions, welcome you ask us, no matter whether you buy equipment from us, just share experience with each other.

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