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MDHB Mobile Asphalt Plant

Capacity: 20-100 t/h
Oil Consumption: 5.5-7kg/t
Coal Consumption: 10-13kg/t
Total Power: 40-200kw
MDHB Mobile Asphalt Plant .MDHB Mobile Asphalt Plant-1..MDHB Mobile Asphalt Plant-2..MDHB Mobile Asphalt Plant.
MDHB Mobile Asphalt Plant

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With more than 20 years’ research and development, MDHB mobile continuous bitumen batching plant perfectly combines the advantages of mobile asphalt mixing plant and drum asphalt mixing plant. The MDHB series movable continuous bitumen batching plant consists of aggregate supply system, drying drum, mixing system, water dust collecting system, bitumen supply system, electrical control system. MDHB series movable continuous asphalt batch plant can continuously produce bitumen mixture. The burner is optional for oil burner, gas burner and coal burner. The core advantages of MDHB series mobile continuous bitumen batch plant is that it is movable, easy to install and disassemble, of short transfer period. The production capacity of MDHB series mobile bitumen batching plant is 20-100 tons per hour.



Control System

The control room is safe, reliable, beautiful and easy to transport and hoisting; the electrical control system adopts operation table, can realize joint operation and unit operation; the operation table is equipped with manual operation device, easy and clear.

control system



Aggregate Supply System

The aggregate supply system can classify the aggregates to four different types according to the diameter sizes. Then eligible aggregate is delivered the drying drum by belt conveyor.



 Mixing Machine

The mixing machine combines drying, heating and mixing as one. The aggregate forms incomplete material curtain and is preheated and then is pushed ahead, when enter into the heating part, the material forms complete curtain layer and is heated quickly; the bitumen is spout into mixing area and thoroughly mixed with the aggregate.




Coal Burning System

The coal, processed by high-efficiency coal breaker, turns to coal powder whose diameter is less than 5mm. By speeding up, the coal breaker’s processing speed matches the coal powder’s supply speed. The burner is equipped with oil supply and air-blow device to provide enough heat for asphalt plant.

The coal fines burner mainly consists of combustor, coal breaker and lighter, Xinyu rotating type burner can realize multistage burning, making the most the coal fines and saving cost, at the same time, such burning mode and ensure enough heat for producing. The coal fines burner is especially suitable for the bitumen batching plant with the production capacity of 25-400 tons per hour.

coal burning system


Technical Data

Model Capacity (t/h) Measurement Accuracy Total Power (kW) Fuel Consumption (kg/t)
Aggregate Bitumen Coal Oil
MDHB-20 20 ±1.5% ±1% 40 10 5.5-7
MDHB-40 40 ±1.5% ±1% 75 10-13 5.5-7
MDHB-60 60 ±1.5% ±1% 128 10-13 5.5-7
MDHB-80 80 ±1.5% ±1% 165 10-13 5.5-7
MDHB-100 100 ±1.5% ±1% 200 10-13 5.5-7

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