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Raymond mill

Parameter Model: 4R3216
Feeding size: ≤25mm
Size of finished product: 0.125-0.033mm
Rotate speed of central: 130
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Raymond mill

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Brief Introduction

Best quality new Raymond mill, after years of practice and improvement, has perfect structure, high efficiency, low consumption and small coving area such advantages. Raymond grinding mill is popular around and broadly used on the mineral powder processing in metallurgy, building materials, chemical, beneficiation, road and other mineral fields. Xinyu high efficiency mining machine stone Raymond mill is suitable for processing non-flammable and explosive mineral whose Moh’s hardness is not more than 9.3 and humidity is less than 6%.
High-efficiency mining machine stone Raymond mill’s whole structure is composed of mainframe, analytical engine (classifier), plumping, blower and cyclone separator; the mainframe is made up of frame, inlet volute, relieving tool, grinder roll, grinding ring, cover piece and motor.
Working Principle
Materials after being crushed achieve the demanding granularity will be brought to the storage hopper by hoister and then feed into the host grinding chamber quantitatively, evenly and continuously by vibrator feeder. Due to the centrifugal force of the rotating, roller swings outward. The blade brings materials to the middle of grinding roller and grinding ring. In this way the materials are grinded by the rolling of grinding roller. Then powder is taken away by the fan and graded by analysis machine. Powder in line with the demanding fineness will flow into the big cyclone collector by the airflow to be separating collected, at last discharge from the powder tube and this is product. In the grinding chamber, grinding material has certain moisture. The grinding heating makes the moisture evaporation and due to the pipeline interface is not tight, air is sucked into which makes the circulation pressure increasing. In order to ensure the Raymond mill grinding machine’s working condition is under negative pressure, the increasing gas will flow through ductwork into dust catcher and then out to the atmosphere after being purified.


1. Raymond mill is vertical mill for phosphate rock and covers a small area which is a complete set. It is an independent system not only on the rough machining of raw materials but also on the final packaging.

2. Compared with other mills, Raymond mill’s sieve rate is higher up to 99% which is not easy to achieve by other grinding mills.
3. Raymond mill mainframe has been improved. The principal axis has transformed structure to be more stable which makes operation reliable.
4. As professional limestone grinding mill, Raymond mill’s main parts adopt high quality materials and have exquisite workmanship which ensures the high efficiency and good wear-resisting performance.
5. Electric system adopts centralized control. Raymond mill grinding work can achieve unattended operation basically and its maintenance is convenient.

Technical Data

Model 4R3216 3R90 3R85 3R75 3R65 3R60 FP83 FP: fine power,微粉
  4R90 4R85  
Feeding Size ≤25 ≤25 ≤20 ≤20 ≤15 ≤15 ≤20  
Output Size (mm) 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.01  
Shift Output of Different Material Fineness(t) 4-45 3-35 2-28 1.5-20 1-18 0.5-8 0.5-12  
Rotate Speed of Central Shaft (r/min) 130 160 160 160 180 280 160  
Diameter of pulverizing ring (mm) 1070 970 880 860 720 490 907  
Diameter of Grinder Roll (mm) 320 300 270 260 210 140 270  
Height of pulverizing roller (mm) 160 160 150 150 150 100 150  
Main Motor y225s-4-37 y225m-8-30 y225m-8-22 y225s-8-18.5 y200L-8-15 y160m-6-7.5 y225m-8-22  
Fan Motor y200L-4-37 y180m-4-22 y160L-4-15 y160L-4-15 y160m4-11 y132s-2-2.5 y160L-4-15  
Analysator Motor yc120-4a-5.5 y112m-6-2.2 y112m-6-2.2 y112m-6-2.2 y112m-6-2.2 y90L-6-1.1 yc120-4A-4  


Model 6R4525 5R4119 HS96 HS95 HS93 HS86 HS: high strength, 高强
Feeding Size ≤30 ≤25 ≤25 ≤15 ≤25 ≤20    
Output Size (mm) 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044 0.125-0.044    
Shift Output of Different Material Fineness(t) 16-120 8-60 4-55 3-38 3.5-40 3-33    
Rotate Speed of Central Shaft (r/min) 82 105 130 130 160 160    
Diameter of pulverizing ring (mm) 1770 1400 1070 1050 1006 907    
Diameter of Grinder Roll (mm) 450 410 320 310 300 270    
Height of pulverizing roller (mm) 250 190 160 170 160 150    
Main Motor y315m-4-132 y280s-4-75 y225m-4-45 y225s-4-37 y225m-8-30 y225m-8-22    
Fan Motor y315m-4-132 y250m-4-75 y200L-4-37 y200L-4-30 y180m-2-22 y160E-4-15    
Analysator Motor y160m-4-11 yc200-4B-7.5 yc120-4A-5.5 yc122-4A-5.5 y112m-6-3 y112m-6-2.2    

Delivery & Installation

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5-raymond mill price

After-Sales Service

1. Guarantee time 
All of the life time of XINYU machine, free for the first 12 months except the wrong operation.
2. Free Spare parts
XINYU will prepare the one set spare parts and delivery them along with the machine.
XINYU have the 12 workshops to produce every parts and we can produce spare parts to deliver them to you within 2 days.
3. Technical supporting
XINYU Engineer will train you workers to make sure that they know every detail about the machine to make sure they know how to deal with the urgent situation and can repair some normal problem
4. Office
If we have more than 5 orders in one Area, we will set one office there to take care the after-sales service.

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