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Sand Making Machine

Max Feeding Size: 100mm
Capacity: 30-700 t/h
Engine Power: 75-640kw
Materials: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz stone, river gravel...
Sand Making Machine .Sand Making Machine-1..Sand Making Machine-2..Sand Making Machine-3.
Sand Making Machine

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Brief Introduction



Sand making machine is also named impact crusher. Imported the American advanced “stone hit stone” technics absorbed domestic producing experience of sand making machine, Xinyu



Working Principle
When sand making machine working, the materials enter the inner of the machine from the feed hopper and then they are divided into two parts: one part enters the high-speed rotating impeller from the middle of divider and is speeded up quickly in the impeller which acceleration can be up to the several hundred times of the gravitational acceleration. Then it will be cast from the three runners of the impeller. Firstly, it is impacted and crushed with the materials around the divider; then they are impacted to the vortex cavity material lining and spring back to the top of the vortex chamber which changes the direction downward. The materials that are cast from the impeller runner make material curtain continuously. In this way, one piece of material is crushed and impacted twice or several times in vortex chamber and at last it is output by the lower discharging mouth.



1. The sieve plate adopts unique spring mechanism, convenient, reliable and safe.

2. The high-efficiency vertical impact crusher is adjusted by constant-force spring whose crushing force is constant and long lasting.
3. It is easy to maintain and repair the sand making machine, for the worker just need to trice up the box upper and open the box lower part.
4. Xinyu sand making machine adopts multilayer three-channel discharging device, which discharges eligible materials in time and prolongs the using time of easily-worn parts and improves the capacity.
5. Xinyu sand compact crusher adopts the rigid solid rotor which can generate big rotational inertia and impact power, effectively avoiding obstruction.
6. Xinyu sand making machine’s reshaping function can make the products cube, so the aggregate is easy to pile up.
7. Xinyu sand making machine is of compact structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
8. Its energy consumption is low and it has high reduction ratio.

Technical Data

Model Feeding (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (kg)
UT-600 35 12~30 37~55 5600
UT-750 45 25~55 55~75 7600
UT-900 50 55~100 110~150 12600
UT-1050 60 100~160 150~180 17300
UT-1250 60 160~300 264~320 22500
UT-1350 60 200~360 320~400 27600

Delivery & Installation

sand making machine

sand making machine pricesand making machine price

After-Sales Service

1. Guarantee time 
All of the life time of XINYU machine, free for the first 12 months except the wrong operation.
2. Free Spare parts
XINYU will prepare the one set spare parts and delivery them along with the machine.
XINYU have the 12 workshops to produce every parts and we can produce spare parts to deliver them to you within 2 days.
3. Technical supporting
XINYU Engineer will train you workers to make sure that they know every detail about the machine to make sure they know how to deal with the urgent situation and can repair some normal problem
4. Office
If we have more than 5 orders in one Area, we will set one office there to take care the after-sales service.

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